April 16-19: Bouira, Algeria: Exercise with the French Civil Protection Field Hospital.

Dec 13, Rotterdam, NL: Symposium on surgical care for victims of terror attacks.

Nov 2nd, Utrecht, NL: Symposium on surgical care for victims of terror attacks.

Oct 11th, Leiden, NL: Terror preparedness presentation for the Dutch Trauma Center West.

Oct 7th, The Hague: Attendance of the `Large Scale Multidisciplinary Extreme Violence Exercise` by Dutch Emergency services.

Sep 27-28th, Shrivenham, UK: The Threat Awareness Workshop delivered by the British Defence Academy, a course on weapon hardware knowledge as relevant for clinicians.

March 5-8: Misrata, Libya: instructor for the HEST (Hostile Environment Surgical Training) course of the David Nott Foundation.

Febr 21-23: Geneva, Switzerland: WHO Global Mentor Induction Workshop.

Nov 13-17th, Manchester, UK: Instructor at the STAE course (Surgical Training for the Austere Environment) of the Royal College of Surgeons: active hands-on training on cadavers for surgeons, dealing with penetrating and blast injury, teaching life and limb saving procedures.

Jan 14-17: Tel Aviv, Israel: IPRED V (International Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters): keynote lecture and presentation.

Jan 11-12: Bristol, UK: Orthopaedic Trauma Society, with presentation.

Oct 18th, Manchester, UK: Presentation for the Manchester Medical Society on different aspects of humanitarian surgical projects.

Nov 4th, Utrecht: Attending the Mass Casualty Exercise in the Major Incident Hospital Utrecht.

Nov 29th – Dec 1st, Paris: Chairing the international terror preparedness conference.

Dec 6th-8th, Lausanne: Major Incident Medical Management and Support course.